E.M.Castonguay Studio


Castonguay’s pieces are intimate yet universal celebrations of unity in the face of difference.
— Caralyn Green, Pop City Magazine, www.popcitymedia.com
We are very excited about this new approach to exhibiting at our museum. The installation (Castonguay’s) will be at least eight feet by sixteen feet. Elizabeth is an incredible painter, and as revealed in her artwork, a caring human being.
— Patrick Daugherty, director of the Frank L. Melega Art Museum. ( Herald Standard, Uniontown PA)
…Castonguay deals with issues of diversity and inclusion in modern human life. Her work combines naturalism and figurative work with a symbolism designed to heighten our awareness of commonality.
— Ruta Marino, Senior Curator of the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts Museum, Bonaventure, New York
‘Seeing Complementaries’ by Elizabeth Castonguay is a painting of eight sets of eyes hidden by black horizontal bands and separated by colorful mat like divisions with ovals cut to obscure all but the eyes. What is the circumstance for concealment? Voiceless, the eyes gaze askance with only one set making eye contact with the viewer.
— Ellen Slupe. The Philadelphia Regions Magazine for the Arts
Castonguay’s exhibition impresses by its ambition, her technical proficiency and the sincerity with which she pursues her subject matter, in this case the commonality of mankind.
— Mary Thomas~ Art Critic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Castonguay’s subject matter is varied, but always provocative and pungent. Her technique complements her vision.
— Elaine Wertheim~ Art historian and writer (winner of the Golden Quill Award for an article on three women artists.)
Castonguay has the ability to draw an emotional or intellectual response from the viewer.
— Stephen Gang (Gallery Director, Gallery Alexie, Chelsea, NYC) in an interview for a national framing magazine following Castonguay's solo- exhibition in 2000. Gang has been on the panels for the Artists Equity and the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art Alumni Association.
In addition to the overriding theme of all the works (America the Flavorful), what will strike viewers most about these painting is the dark palette and super-realism with which the subjects are depicted. What lies at the base of this is the overall exceptional handling of the medium of acrylics.
— Kurt Shaw~ The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Elizabeth Myers Castonguay’s ‘out of the box’ thinking and framing creatively complements her mixed medium art work which utilizes pastels and acrylics.
— Nielsen and Bainbridge, LLC (NJ)