E.M.Castonguay Studio



"I have known since I was a small child that I was an artist. I have not been content to paint pretty pictures but have always had a need to speak to humanity about those issues that affect our lives…our souls… our very existence."


For almost a decade after September 1, 2001, I sought to artistically break down barriers between diverse groups of people. This was something that I have been involved in socially for a lifetime. A celebration of the diversity of humanity is key to unlocking the door to peace in a world plagued by prejudice, hatred, and war.

The work evolved to speak of the fragile interrelationships between humanity and our ‘Endangered’ world (2010-present). The paintings often depict the human form monochromatically with the endangered flora and fauna in full color to establish greater equality between humanity and the over 41,000 endangered species on Mother Earth. These species are as important to nature’s fine balance as humankind, if not more so. Since clothing connotes an era or culture, the figures are generally undraped to show the universality of the problems we are facing and the need for a global partnership. This is necessary for the world to be a healthy place for future generations.

My paintings are created to work on a myriad of levels and to speak in a universal language. I try not to sensationalize or be confrontational because I want my viewers to internalize, reflect, and see the face of a world that we have painted. Within the work there is urgency but also an element of hope.